Why do we eat Junk Food?

Why do we like Junk Food?

junk foodMost of us eat it and probably everyone had tried it at least once in their life. What makes it so popular? First, I will speak for myself. I really like the taste, price and that access to it is really easy. Maybe it’s not the best and healthy option for me, but still, I have it almost every day. On my work days, I always have something for lunch or dinner from fast food restaurant.

How about other people?

Let’s have a look at children in school. In the USA kids get their lunch from cafeterias, where they don’t have a big choice. Usually, they serve fries, burgers and pizza. Kids like junk food that’s why they don’t see it as a problem. Recently I saw studies that show that over 90% of schools in the USA serve junk food to the students. Why do they do it? Well, it’s cheap and easy to prepare. Most of the time they just preheat the frozen food like pizza and burgers or they fry frozen fries. It’s much easier for the schools to do it that way than to prepare the whole meal from the scratch.

Price per meal for students is usually no more than 3 dollars. It would be super hard to make a real meal for that price. Plus preparing a real meal would take a really long time. Students don’t complain, the only problem is when someone can’t eat gluten (or have any other food allergy), then it might be really hard to find a decent option in a school cafeteria.

Cooking at home

Same as with schools, we tend to take the easy route and buy pre-ready food in the stores. There’s nothing bad in using frozen vegetables and fruits, but we all know that we usually end up buying ready burgers, fries or pizza. It takes no longer than 15 minutes to prepare, if by prepare we mean just to preheat the oven. We put it in and it’s ready.

We save a lot of time, especially when we are tried after work and we don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen. And again – it’s just cheaper than buying all the ingredients and preparing it from the scratch.

Lunch at work

I think I only know few people who prepare their lunch the day before at home. Most of my colleagues tend to go out and buy something quick and ready to eat. It can be either hot dog, burger or some pizza. It’s cheap and quick, plus there are so many places around the office then it’s really easy to find something.

Preparing own food at home the day before it’s time-consuming plus it costs more. We need to be very good at planning as well, to make sure we have all the ingredients at home. Well, I’m just lazy and I always go out and buy something for my lunch. Not to mention that it also has a social meaning, as all my colleagues go out and eat together in one of the restaurants.


And how is it with you? How often do you eat junk food?

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