The Seated Generation

The current generation of adolescents and teenagers are sitting more than any other generation before them. Between Netflix and TV binge watching, Internet, Gaming, Skype and Virtual Chat and Messaging, Texting, Smartphones and Tablets, Wireless Headsets, and all of this technology they are immersed in, they have very little motivation or reason for getting up out of their chairs.

Even jobs and income production for teens has moved online into freelance services, affiliate marketing, blogging, youtube monetization and much more. The younger generations are learning how to provide for themselves and make financial ends meet without having to get up out of their seats.

While public school isn’t necessarily doing anyone any favors, with its old, antiquated inefficiencies and ancient methodologies that are proven to be subpar to other learning methods being utilized in private schools and foreign countries, at least school is an opportunity for kids to get out of their rooms and their houses. Social time, even in a school environment is important for face to face relationship building and learning to interact with real, live human beings in person.

Technology has a lot of great purpose behind it and can be used for a lot of amazing things, and kids are definitely tapping into these things. However, in some ways, it is creating a generation of people that don’t connect with nature, the planet, society and culture in ways that generations before them have. This is a completely new era, and it’s a bit scary with all of the unknowns in terms of effects this will have on health, both mentally, physically and even spiritually and emotionally.