Favourite Junk Food

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Junk Food that you can find in most popular fast food restaurants and stores. Here we go!

Favourite Junk Food


What can I say, I just love them with all my heart! No matter if it’s from Dunkin’ Donuts or from Starbucks, I will take any. My favourite is the ones with fillings – white chocolate, Nutella or jam.  When there is extra crust or sprinkles – even better. I can and I do eat them every day.



Well, who would say no to it? I eat it very often, however, I prefer the homemade ones, as you can get better ingredients. Plus you can make it as big as you prefer. When I eat out I usually pick up one whopper from Burger King.


Another love of my life – pizza. I love to eat it almost every day, that’s why they already know me very well at my Pizza Hut. That’s where I usually order, but I also like to test different restaurants when I’m going out. My favourite one is Hawaiian (I know, I know all people in Italy will hate me now).

pizza pizza


Well, someone who invented Taco Tuesday’s is definitely my best friend. However, I could eat it every day. I prefer both chicken and beef ones, extra cheese on top and of course a big portion of guacamole on top of it.



Ok, so you will probably be surprised why did I put it up here. The answer is simple, check the calories of your next Starbucks coffee and you will see. I love coffee from Starbucks, with extra cream and syrup, and well I know it’s packed with sugar and fat but it tastes great. Do I need to add that I also take extra doughnut with it?



Sooner or later everyone will fall for the extra crispy crust from KCF. What can I say, I’m no different than the others. KFC is always great, especially when you pick one of the great sauces they have.

fried chicken


Here’s my all-time favourite when it comes to lunch food – Subway. I always pick up one footlong sandwich and well, it’s just great. Ingredients are always fresh and it just tastes great. I try to test different sandwich and combination of sauce or extras. As you can imagine I’m running out of options already.

subway sandwich