Junk Food Companies List

List of companies serving and producing Junk Food

MC DONALD’S – burgers

SUBWAY – sandwiches

BURGER KING – burgers

WENDY’S – burgers

STARBUCKS – coffee

TACO BELL – tacos

DUNKIN’ DONUTS – doughnuts

PIZZA HUT – pizza

KFC – fried chicken


NESTLE – sweets and chips


Above we have listed the biggest companies that specialise in junk food. Of course, there is many much more across the whole world. Why do we fall for them? Well, the answer is simple, it’s time, price and taste. First of all, we can get them super quickly, no need to wait for a long time (usually it takes no longer than 10 minutes). Price – they are super cheap compared to other restaurants. The last one is of course taste – we may argue about it, but we all like the taste of burgers, pizza, tacos or doughnuts.

No wonder that there are so many people buying it. Especially now, when we work for a long time and it’s just easier to order something than preparing a full meal at home. We use it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and to get something sweet. It’s so much easier to buy something ready, then prepare your lunch the day before at home. That’s why we see so many queues during the lunch breaks on work days.

It also comes down to our kids – who would have time to cook every day when you work full time. Instead, we just go with our children to fast food restaurant where we can get food fast and cheap. Of course, it is not a perfect, but at least we get it.

It’s completely fine if junk food is just addition and not the main source of our food. However, there are so many people who eat only there for all day long. As long as you remember that it’s not the best food you can get then it’s good for you. Preparing own meals at home can be hard, but it’s not something impossible to achieve.

Noone will tell you to avoid junk food completely, you just need to remember to keep it under control. That way you can avoid health and weight issues. Important thing is to keep the balance between healthy and junk food. As long as you have it you are on a good track.

And how is it with you? Do you care about you eat, or you just eat whatever? Have a look at your daily routine to make sure that you are not going in the wrong direction.