Junk Food Movies

There have been many movies created about junk food and food industry across the years. We wanted to show you the best ones that you will find.

Junk Food Movies

Super Size Me

Super Size Me is a film which is worth to see, especially for every Mc Donald’s fan. It’s a documentary created and written by Morgan Spurlock. Morgan also plays the main role in here. He decided to switch on to Mc Donald’s diet for one month to see how it will make feel and look.

super size me

Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!

Now, this is brand new and still hot. It was launched on 8th of September this year. Again created by Morgan Spurlock. This time Morgan will show us the world of fast food working behind the register in his very own fast food restaurant.

super size me 2


Food, Inc.

This movie will show you the dark side of the food industry in the biggest American’s companies. You will find out how the food industry is being controlled every day and at every step. It’s a documentary created by Robert Kenner.

food inc movie

Food Matters

Another great documentary that shows how everyday food can hurt us or influence our health. It shows various types of topics like organic food, safety related to food and much more. It was filmed by James Colquhoun and Carlo Ladesma.

food matters

Food Choices

Another great movie showing us the impact of our everyday choices. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we reach out for unhealthy products. Definitely, a must watch for everyone. The documentary was created by Michal Siewierski.

food choices

What the Health

This documentary will take us even deeper. You will be able to see all the connections between government, food industry and pharmaceutical organizations. Some things will surprise you for sure. The documentary was created by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn.

what the health

The Founder

This is a great movie showing the history of Mc Donald’s. You will see how it all started from the first restaurant and how it became the biggest food chain in the world. The small innovative idea that quickly became one of the biggest business in the world. The main role is being played by Michael Keaton and movie was directed by John Lee Hancock.

the founder


There’s, of course, much more, but I just wanted to show you the best ones in here. If you have a great movie that you don’t see on our list, share it with us. We are always looking for new sources to get more knowledge about junk food industry.