Junk Food Generation

We all know what the junk food is. Probably you have tried it more than once in your life. We know how good it can taste and how bad it can be for your health. However, that doesn’t stop us from reaching out for it. Our site is all about it. You will find about most common junk food companies, who eats it and why. Stay tuned to find out more from us.

What are the most popular Junk Food Companies?

  • Mc Donald’s – as we all know Mc Donald’s is one of the popular restaurants serving mostly burgers and fries. It was founded in 1940 and since then it has been super successful. We can see it everywhere – in the cities or next to the high ways.
  • KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken it’s a bit older than Mc Donald’s, as it was founded in 1930. As you know they specialise in serving deep fried chicken in their special crust. They use the secret recipe for it and they have a lot of fans around the world.
  • Burger King – another big company serving mostly burgers. Burger King was founded in 1954 and since then their restaurants have spread around the world. Their biggest competitor is, of course, Mc Donald’s.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – who doesn’t love doughnuts? Dunkin’ Donuts is serving their special doughnuts and coffee for almost 70 years now. You can find it in almost every country in the world.
  • Subway – sandwich lovers probably already know this one. Subway has been serving their special sandwiches since 1965. Interesting thing is that they have more restaurants than Mc Donald’s, which puts them in the first place!
  • Pizza Hut – is almost everywhere, you can either eat in restaurant or order take away with delivery. Which is of course super handy when you are sitting at home on a rainy day. They have been serving their pizza since 1958.
  • Starbucks – all coffee lovers know it very well. Many people tend to pick up their coffee on the way to work, and Starbucks is there to help it. Since 1971 they are offering their special coffee to customers around the world.

You can find more companies on our list in here or check the full list which is available on Wikipedia.

What do football fans eat across the world?

Well, we all know that when it comes to sports and watching it, there’s always some food involved. But what do the sports fans eat during the games in other countries? Well, let’s find out!

Italy – well, of course, it is pizza! No matter if they watch it at home or with friends in a pub. Classic Italian pizza is always on the table. Worth to note is that the biggest offensive would be pizza served with pineapple, so don’t ever ask for it while you are in Italy).

USA – on the stadiums it would be mostly hot dogs. If you are watching a game at home, then it’s pizza or burgers. Those are the most popular ones, however, many people order also tacos or KFC. Various snacks like chips and candies.

United Kingdom – on the stadium is mostly chips and hot dogs, but in pubs – fish and chips. Of course, there is a group of people who eat pizza or burgers.

Spain – is all about tapas. Tapas are small snack – it can be deep fried seafood, potatoes or small sandwiches. On the stadium, it’s usually hot dogs or chips.

What do we eat when we play?

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So, what snack does the player pick most often?

Chips – well that’s super easy and nothing complicated, you just grab a bag of chips and you are ready to play.

Peanuts – another quick snack that can be easily used while playing. Just get some mix and nothing more is needed.

Pizza, Burgers, Tacos – and basically any takeaway food that you feel like it.

What do we eat during the movies?

We all watch movies, either in the cinema, TV or on your computer. Well, it doesn’t even have to be a movie night, very often we just watch some TV series every evening after work. What do we eat most often when we seat in front of the screen?

Popcorn – is one of the most popular snacks in the cinema but also at home. We can easily prepare it in the microwave and it can be either with salt and butter, sweet or spicy. Pack of popcorn usually cost no more than €2.

Nachos – many cinemas sell nachos with extra cheese sauce on top of it. We can also prepare it at home in the oven, just put some nachos to the oven and sprinkle some cheese on top of it.

Hot dogs – in the cinema you can also buy hot dogs with extra toppings. Usually, it comes with roasted crispy onions and pickles. Nothing stands in the way to prepare it at home, just get some sausages and buns and you are ready to go.

Chips – either in the cinema or at home, nothing to prepare, just grab one bag (or more if you feel like it) and enjoy your movie.

Shakes – in the cinema you can buy all kinds of soda drinks but many of them also sell shakes. There’s nothing better than a milkshake with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavour. If you feel like making one at home, just mix some milk with ice creams.

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