Everything About the Double Down From KFC

Everything About the Double Down From KFC

Everything about Double Down from KFC

KFC recently stopped selling their Double Down sandwich. The menu item was considered a seasonal item, but has yet to come back. CNN speculated that it might be coming back but no official word on when it will be available again. In this article we’ll look at the Menu item, its price, nutritional value, and advertising campaign.

Menu item

In less than two weeks, the new Double Down from KFC menu item has become the most popular menu item in Canada. The fried chicken chain is expected to sell more than three hundred thousand Double Downs by Sunday. This is a record number for a menu item, according to Brent Barr, a marketing professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management.

The new Double Down will be available at select KFC restaurants in the US and abroad for a limited time. The original Double Down was introduced in 2010, but it has not appeared in the US nationwide. KFC is bringing back the popular burger for a limited time to see how customers react to it.

In New Zealand, people have reported being able to buy the Double Down at KFC stores. The Double Down is similar to a regular sandwich, but it has a gravy component. The gravy is a mixture of gravy and mayonnaise. The Double Down is also available as a Gravy Burger, which has chicken, gravy, and hash browns on a roll. The price of the Double Down is currently P189, making it a very affordable option.

According to Nutrition Info on the KFC Double Down, it contains one-fourth of the calories an adult needs daily. It also lacks fiber and other nutrients. This is a good thing for someone who loves to indulge in a cheat meal every once in a while. However, if you’re concerned about your cholesterol or are watching your sodium intake, there are several healthier alternatives that are much lower in calories than KFC’s Double Down.

Although the Double Down is a popular menu item at KFC, it was originally meant to be an April Fool’s joke. The advertisement promised a bacon and cheese sandwich with two fried chicken pieces inside. Unfortunately, the Double Down stayed on the menu for longer than it was meant to.


KFC is bringing back its Double Down burger for a limited time. The menu item, which had been unavailable for four years, is now available in select KFC restaurants in the US and abroad. It was first introduced in 2010 in the Philippines and other countries, but it never made its way to KFC locations in the US.

The Double Down is basically a bread sandwich that contains two pieces of fried chicken, bacon, and cheese. It also has a spicy coating. When introduced in 2010, it became a very popular item. KFC also offers variations of the Double Down, such as grilled fillets or spicy coating.

The Double Down from KFC price is P189. The price may vary depending on the location. A typical sandwich with this price includes two strips of crispy fried chicken, cheese, and mayo. The Double Down sandwich is available in the Original or Zinger varieties. Food Panda also sells the sandwich.

The KFC Double Down Burger is a delicious chicken burger that has a double dose of chicken. Instead of the traditional bun, it’s held between two pieces of Original Recipe Chicken. This burger is topped with crispy bacon, cheese, and a generous amount of BBQ sauce. It’s available for a limited time at all KFC restaurants. However, it does not come with gravy.


The Double Down from KFC is a sandwich that contains two pieces of fried chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, and a spicy sauce. There are many varieties of this sandwich, but the basic one contains 610 calories. The KFC Double Down is served with fries. You can also get the Double Down spicy or with grilled chicken fillets.

It was first introduced to the French market in October 2014. The Double Down was re-introduced in two different flavors in August 2015 and September 2017. The original version contains two strips of chicken, bacon, and barbecue sauce. The advertising slogan for the Double Down is “No apto para cobardes.”

The Double Down is a popular sandwich at KFC. It contains two pieces of fried chicken, cheese, and mayonnaise. It is the ultimate protein snack. However, be aware that this sandwich is high in fat and calories. It contains 540 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 1,380 milligrams of sodium. This is not the healthiest food, but it will satisfy your craving for fried chicken and other KFC favorites.

The Double Down comes with a high amount of sodium. The Colonel’s top-secret sauce contains 26 grams of fat and 540 milligrams of sodium. The grilled version has fewer calories and fat, but it contains more sodium – 1,430 milligrams of sodium!

Advertising campaign

In the Double Down from KFC advertising campaign, Colonel Sanders tries to connect with his alter egos. He suggests a Double Down sandwich that appeals to his alter egos, Recklessness and Genius. The Double Down sandwich is one of the most unique sandwiches on the market. It is also sold only at KFC. The Double Down sandwich is one of the company’s latest innovations. The campaign was created by OSL Marketing and AMI Marketing. Mediacom handled the media buy.

The Double Down is a bacon and cheese sandwich served between fried chicken “buns.” The campaign hopes to associate the Double Down sandwich with the youthful college women who frequent KFC’s restaurants. To do this, campaign participants wear double-down branded t-shirts and red sweatpants with the company’s logo on the back. This marketing strategy has been called “Gluteus Ad Maximus.”

The Double Down is a chicken sandwich with two pieces of breaded chicken fillets topped with bacon, barbeque sauce, cheese, and sauce. The concept is genius. It’s almost like Colonel Sanders himself. The Double Down will be available in the company’s stores for the next 21 days, until May 25. The burger has been hailed as a game changer in the fast food industry. The Double Down sandwich is made from Original Recipe chicken fillets topped with crispy bacon, melted cheese, and special sauce.

It’s not surprising that KFC is doubling down on its advertising campaign despite the negative feedback from consumers. After all, one in five people have reportedly complained about the Double Down. In May, Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed admitted that KFC’s mistakes are perfectly acceptable, but he also stressed that he was not letting the flop affect his business.


Originally introduced in French markets in October 2014, the Double Down is an American burger with bacon, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce rolled into two pieces of chicken fillet. KFC uses the advertising slogan, “No apto para cobardes,” to promote the product. It is available in two flavours: original and Black Pepper.

Despite its reputation as an unhealthy burger, the Double Down is not as bad for you as it may seem. In fact, it has fewer calories than Wendy’s Baconator or the Triple Whopper from Burger King. While a Double Down is not the best choice for a cheat meal, it is still a nice treat. Fortunately, there are many other healthy alternatives to fast food.

Besides bacon and cheese, this sandwich is also packed with protein. It contains 540 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 1380mg of sodium, making it a great choice for protein snacking. Moreover, a Double Down is a great choice for those who want to get a quick fix of protein.

A new version of the Double Down is being offered at KFC restaurants. It features two chicken fillets topped with bacon, cheese and special Colonel’s Sauce. It will also be available on the digital channels and on Twitch. It will make a great holiday gift for fried chicken lovers.